Tania C Ryan

"I believe this book will appeal to children’s imaginations and encourage the setting of goals.
When looking to reach goals it can be challenging, but well worth the effort."
Tania C Ryan

Tania C Ryan was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, growing up in a family that had a passion for all animals. There was always a dog in the family.

Rocky was Tania’s first Beagle and he had so much personality.  With just a glance one could tell just what he was thinking. Time to sleep, time to walk, time to play, time to feed me, always in the eyes….or sometimes bark. When there was food his Beagle nose took over and he would let out the most incredible bark. He loved to cuddle all day and just wanted to be with the family.

Pluto is a rescue Beagle from “Thank DOG I Am Out”.  She also has a LOT of personality. She chases birds, buries bones and digs them up again and also tries to catch bugs. One of her favorite activities is trying to find different ways to get up on to the kitchen counter. Pluto snores when sleeping, tells you the latest news in the morning and takes you on a Beagle journey daily. Every evening she loves to cuddle up and gaze up at the stars, dreaming of jumping over the moon.

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